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Why STEAM education?

Children need to be engaged in learning, and learn in ways that can hold their attention, the way social media, and internet sites like Youtube do, The easiest way to do this is to make it fun and interesting. The inclusion of arts does this, for a wider range of children. Something like video art tied into code makes learning look more fun, where the student is solving a problem to create a project they love.

Art education allows students to learn things in a more open ended way and make them applicable to real life. Arts and creativity are crucial to the sciences, technology and computer science.They are the tool that allows technology to be usable in real life! Arts are used in website and user interfaces design, advertising, product design and usability, branding and start-up creation among countless other uses, all things that are crucial to STEM learning and careers.


STEAM education



Thus, LOST Junior embedded STEAM elements to our escape game room, let all the kids go through the experience of Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics, here's how it works:

  • Science: Coming up with hypothesis for each problem and testing them.

  • Technology: Learn how the technology works inside the game understand the process.

  • Engineering: Using only the tools and materials provided by the game to create solutions.

  • Arts: Stimulate one’s creative mind by being placed in different scenarios and unique circumstances.

  • Mathematics: Use and seek patterns while playing to observe different changes in the environment.

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